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It is one of the most established organizations in our country, operating since 1839. In order to protect forests and forest resources against all kinds of dangers, it provides service day and night with approximately 36,000 personnel in 28 Regional Directorates.

OGM website: https://www.ogm.gov.tr/tr


With the project called FireCell, it was planned to establish a Push-to-Talk platform with mobile applications installed on smartphones of 3 thousand personnel within OGM. Thus, our staff was able to communicate instantly in groups by pressing a single button. Additionally, the locations of all personnel can be viewed on the map.

Services and Products

  • Communication System Integration
  • Novatel PoC Push-to-Talk Service
  • Push-to-Talk Radio Products
  • Mobile Application Service

General Directorate of Forestry Fire-Cell Project

with this project FireCell which we named, 3 thousand personnel within OGM We planned to establish a Push-to-Talk platform with mobile applications installed on smartphones. Thus, our staff will be able to communicate instantly in groups by pressing a single button. We can also view the locations of all our staff on the map. In addition, the FireCell system will work fully integrated with our existing radio systems. In this way, our teams using radios in the field and FireCell users will communicate in groups. This infrastructure will provide our institution with high communication capability and speed during fires.

What were your expectations within the scope of your project and from the institution you will work for, and could you share your opinion about Novatel on this subject?

We see the institutions we work with as business partners, not contractors. Our approach has always been this way, and we want the companies we work with to see us as project partners, not customers. YangCell is a Push-to-Talk project and also includes integration with our existing radio systems. For this reason, it is a project that requires expertise in both technologies.

What are the gains/benefits provided to your institution by the products and solutions provided within the scope of your project?

Digital conversions of our existing analog radio systems were continuing. However, thinking that we would not be able to find a solution to our needs by switching to digital radio alone, we realized the largest radio integration and push-to-talk project our country has ever seen with Novatel. If you ask what we really gained with this project; Our radio network, which is spread all over the country but works independently of each other, has been integrated with each other and we have included all levels of OGM in communication with Android and iOS smart terminals using the GSM network. In provinces where integration is made in this way, we can directly reach the fire area and respond to incoming requests immediately.

Could you describe your business process with Novatel within the scope of your project in a few words?

The start date of the project coincided with the days of the pandemic, which occupied the agenda of our country and the whole world and made our lives difficult. In such a period when all business processes are tried to be done online and maintaining social distance is very important, the Technical teams of the General Directorate of Forestry and Novatel technical teams completed the work in the field with good performance and quality. As OGM, we provided Novatel with all the environment it needed to get the work done in accordance with the rules but faster. Novatel teams lost no time and worked day and night to install in 140 locations. I congratulate all OGM and NOVATEL teams involved in the project for their dedication.