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TCEEGE Container Terminal Operations is a 0 subsidiary of Ege Gübre Sanayi A.Ş.

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TCE Aegean Port Management DMR Radio Project

It started its operations in the container terminal in Izmir Aliağa in 2009 as a joint stock company of the Spanish-based TCB Group and Ege Gübre. “TCE AEGEAN”; It carries out its work widely in a wide area in container ports. for 24 hours In the field where many teams work in coordination, all teams uninterrupted communication Being involved is one of the most important elements of the work. TCE AEGEAN, NOVATEL in communication consultancy MOTOROLA with its products Digital Radio Communication established the system; among all teams uninterrupted and esafe provided communication.

Services and Products

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TCE Aegean Port Management DMR Radio Project

TCE AEGEAN, NOVATEL In communication consultancy MOTOROLA With its products 'Digital (Digital) Radio Communication System'He founded; Across All Teams Uninterrupted and Safest Provided Communication…

Born in Spain in 2009 TCB Group and as a joint stock company of Ege Gübre company Izmir Aliagastarted its operations at the container terminal in “TCE AEGEAN”; their work at container ports It is widely used in a wide area. One of the most important elements of the work is that all teams are in uninterrupted communication in the field, where many teams work in coordination 24 hours a day.

TCE AegeanBeing aware that high metal corridors formed by containers stacked on top of each other, especially in storage areas, create difficult areas for all kinds of wireless communication, they decided to establish a communication structure suitable for this structure. TCE Aegean, Aliağa PortThe most suitable radio system for the field and operations in Novatel Communication under the supervision of With Motorola products and solutions decided to establish.

Products that Ensure Uninterrupted Communication in Radio Infrastructure

TCE Aegean Port Management IT Manager Buket Yaşar said before starting Aliağa operations; He states that they are carrying out a study on which technology should be used in field communication in Barcelona, which is the largest operation and the company's headquarters.

“With the implementation of the system, we have ensured uninterrupted and reliable radio communication between our teams working in a very wide area. Compared to analog radio technologies, DMR technology can offer twice the communication capacity with the same amount of frequency resources. We have completed our system with state-of-the-art equipment with Motorola MOTOTRBO series products, which are highly resistant to dust in open areas and waterproof to a depth of 1 meter.”
Tce Aegean Port Management

Superior Technological Products and Widest Communication Capacity

Buket Yaşar states that when they researched products with DMR technology, the MOTOTRBO series DMR Radio products offered by Motorola stood out:

“The fact that Motorola MOTOTRBO series products have an IP57 protection factor was an important factor for us. Because of this feature, radios can show high resistance to dust in open areas. At the same time, the radios are waterproof to a depth of 1 meter; “This is a very important feature for technological products used in the maritime industry.”

Stating that they applied to Novatel Communication consultancy during the procurement of the products and the implementation of the project, Buket Yaşar gives the following information about the realization of the project and the advantages provided:

“We worked with Novatel Communications to supply and implement these products. The most important reasons why we chose Novatel Communication were that they are the authorized distributor of the Motorola MOTOTRBO product series, that they have an experienced and effective technical team in system design, installation and commissioning, and that they provide effective consultancy services on frequency allocation and telecommunication legislation.

Under the consultancy of Novatel, we established and commissioned the planned communication infrastructure in our Aliağa Port operation in a very short time. The system is already in service. With the completion of the project, as the number of our teams increased, our need for capacity increase also emerged. This situation required both the allocation of additional frequency resources and the expansion of the installed infrastructure. We completed this process very easily, thanks to a coordinated work with Novatel. We completed the necessary capacity increases and equipment procurement in a very short time. With this system installed, we have achieved a secure, uninterrupted and wide coverage communication structure.”

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