TeloCam T7s LTECam Body Worn Camera

Ensuring Reliable Performance in Tough Environments

  • Two Features in One: Body Worn Camera & Smart Radio Remote Speaker Microphone 
  • Live Streaming
  • Sony Starlight Lens
  • Push-To-Talk
  • Android 7.1
  • GPS Tracking
  • Night Vision


Sony High-tier Star-level Lens

  • Wide-angle, low distortion, ultra HD lens resolution.
  • Excellent performance in completed dark or low light conditions, can recognize human face beyond 10 meters away.

Removable Battery Design

Standard battery is 3300mah Li-ion, camera can equip have two batteries, support 8 hours continuous working. Camera also has a built-in battery, when changing the battery, camera can still work.

H.265 Encode

  • Server storage space savings of nearly 40%
  • System construction costs reduced by about 20%
  • The same quality video transmission, only half the bandwidth
  • Twice encoding efficiency than H.264

Dual Stream Technology

When camera send live video to control center, it can also record the same video locally. This can provide the evidence back-up. While some cameras don’t support the recording locally while doing video streaming.

Voice Dispatching

Comparing to some cameras that provides video streaming only, we also provide voice communication, realizing video and voice dispatching, bringing more benefit to client.


Dimensions 107*64.3*22.2mm
Weight 200g
WIFI Support 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n, 2.4G/5G
Screen 3.5-inch,640×960 IPS, full viewing angle, touch screen
Resolution FHD:1920X1080 | HD:1280X720 | VGA: 640X480 | D1:720 x480
Codec H.265, compatible H.264
IR-CUT Support
Memory RAM+ROM: 2GB+16GB
Battery 3300mAh (Removable)
Built-in backup battery, the camera can still work when changing the main battery
IP Rating IP67
Speaker Dual 1.2W speaker
SIM Dual SIM card
USB Standard Type C USB, support USB3.0
TF Card Support 32GB/64GB/128GB