MR400 Radio Modem

MR400 is a well-proven radio modem, on the market for over a decade and undisputably well established.

Thanks to MR400 extraordinary intelligence, speed and switching time, they are suitable for all types of networks where the emphasis is placed on speed and reliability, such as SCADA & Telemetry for utility distributions (water, electricity, oil&gas), SmartGrid power networks, Transaction networks like the lottery, ATM or POS, mobile networks including mission-critical fleet management and many other applications.


  • 160, 300, 400 MHz
  • 22 kbps/25 kHz
  • 5 or 25 W
  • 1× ETH, 4× COM, I/O
  • Automatic back-up routes
  • Mobile networks
  • Network management SW


Data Rate 10.84 kbps / 12.5 kHz
21.68 kbps / 25 kHz
132.0 kbps / 200 kHz
Carrier Output Power 0.1 W–5 W; 0.1 W–25 W
Primary Power 13.8 V (10.8–15.6 V)
Sleep Mode 2.5 mA
Interfaces 5 slots:
Ethernet, 2× RS232, 1× RS232, 1× RS232i, 1× RS422/485i, I/O – 2×DI, 2×DO, 2×AI, 2×AO
IP Code IP40
Operating Temperature -30 to +70 °C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85 °C
Casing Rugged die-cast aluminum


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