RipEX / RipEX2 Radio Modem

RipEX is a radio modem platform renowned for overall data throughput in any real-time environment. RipEX radio modems are native IP devices, Software-Defined with Linux OS that have been designed with attention to detail, performance, and quality. All relevant state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented.

RipEX2, 2nd generation, was introduced in 2018. This more powerful standard radio modem provides significant improvements, especially in terms of data speed, security, and a number of interfaces.



  • Highest possible throughput
  • Unlimited coverage 
  • Back up routes 
  • Security and reliability
  • Customized protocols
  • Migration Solution

Typical Applications

  • Mission-critical applications
  • Utilities' management
  • Oil & Gas distribution
  • Farming
  • Marine Industries
  • Mining
  • Fleet Management
  • Security/Surveillance
  • Renewable Energy Sector


  RipEX2 RipEX
Max. Speed 1.7 Mbps / 256QAM 166 kbps / 16DEQAM
Speed  /25 kHz 167 kbps 83 kbps
Channel Size 6.25 – 300 kHz 6.25 – 50 kHz
Interfaces 4×ETH, 1×SFP, 1×COM, 1×USB 1×ETH, 2×COM, 1×USB
IPsec Yes Yes
AES256 Yes Yes
Firewall Yes Yes
Access 4 levels 2 levels
Full-duplex Yes No
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