Aprisa SR+ MMS Migration Master Station

The Aprisa SR+ Migration Master Station (MMS) provides smooth migration from legacy radio networks to next-generation Aprisa SR+ SCADA radio networks utilizing existing frequencies and antenna infrastructure. From the very first remote radio replacement enjoy market-leading Aprisa radio features in terms of speed, coverage, security, IP, and advanced management options.



  • Migration with the minimum of cost and downtime, using existing frequencies and antennas
  • Lower budget for maintenance thanks to real performance and feature set upgrade
  • Legacy vendor backward compatibility solutions
  • Next-generation Aprisa SR+ performance and feature set

Operating Configurations

The Aprisa SR+ MMS supports standard legacy radio networks, with repeater based network support scheduled for the near future. The MMS supports integration with MDS™ x790 / x710 networks with the master station operating in non-continuously keyed switched carrier mode.


Function The Aprisa SR+ Migration Station provides a smooth migration from legacy SCADA telemetry radio services to next-generation Aprisa SR+ high capacity digital SCADA telemetry networks utilizing existing frequencies and antenna infrastructure
Frequency Bands VHF, 220 MHz, UHF, and 900 MHz licensed bands (where available)
Power Supply Wide range power supply 10 to 60 VDC positive or negative earth
LEDs Monitoring and operational LEDs
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