Trbonet System software allows you to instantly track location, speed, and other data on the online map while recording all calls made on your radio system over the IP connection to Motorola system infrastructures and GPS location data transmitted from the radios with the radio number, date and time tag. Authorized users can select and listen to real-time or data (voice records, GPS location data, etc.) of certain date ranges, or transfer them to external disks.

Since the system software works based on the server-client principle, the records are retained on the server even if the user's computers are turned off.


  • Medium and advanced level system features
  • Voice Recording, GPS location tracking
  • IP connection interface for systems
  • Listening to conversations between radios, via computers
  • Text message communication between computer and radio users
  • The multi-user feature allows multiple users to connect and access records at the same time.
  • Fully compatible with analog and digital systems
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