CALTTA GH820 Broadband Smart Radio

GH820 is a smart radio which adheres to Caltta's industrial product quality and convenient user experience and provides cost-effective commercial applications for customers. It is based on LTE digital technology to provide various data applications, enhanced features, and superior voice quality for customers.


Professional Voice/Video PTT Services

GH820 provides high-quality and efficient voice and video PoC services that meet demands for critical communications and rapid response to calls from dedicated users anytime, anywhere.  

Specialized Audio Box Design for Loud and Clear Speech

Providing loud, hi-fi speech. It can identify initiators and provide clear calls in noisy surroundings.

Supplementary Services and Functions

Supports GPS and other positioning methods to provide dedicated users with precise location-based services. It also provides BT/WiFi/NFC which help user more convenient.

Durable and Reliable

It complies with the IP68 standard and is applicable to the outdoors. It meets high military specifications against collision, vibration, and solar radiation.

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