eTC 10 DMR System Server

The DMR ZXTS eTC 10 is based on the VPM0 board and is integrated into the ZXSDR B8200 chassis.


  • Easy to deploy
  • Completely independent intellectual property rights
  • Open interfaces
  • Optimized signaling and data links specially designed for trunking services
  • High-performance network processors (dedicated data forwarding engines)
  • Hardware support for fast data query and forwarding
  • High-speed internal data forwarding bus
  • Support disaster recovery backup, the system with high reliability


Hard Disk 256G SSD solid-state drive
Operating System 64-b”3it Linux operating system
Maximum Number of Fleet 1
Maximum Number of Subscribers 2000
Maximum Number of Groups 255
Total Number of Members in All Groups 10000
Maximum Number of Base Stations 16
Maximum Number of Dispatchers 10
Maximum Number of OMM Clients 5