MTS4 Cost Effective TETRA Base Station

Low Cost and High-Performance TETRA Base Station

The MTS4 is a high performance base station with improved power efficiency and lower operating costs.

The compact MTS4 sets new standards for high capacity, high redundancy base stations while ensuring site acquisition and installation costs are as low as possible.

  • Reduced site acquisition costs through less antenna site requirements
  • Reduced installation costs due to more compact and flexible design
  • Reduced site operation costs through less site visits and lower maintenance
  • MTS4 fully complies with the new ROHS directive


High Capacity and High Redundancy

  • Supports a wide range of RFDS configurations with up to 3 receivers per carrier and duplexed or non-duplexed receive/transmit antennas
  • Up to 8 carriers can be combined with just one Rx/Tx antenna
  • Full redundancy option with site controller and base radio
  • The MTS4 supports hybrid combiners, manual and auto tune cavity combiners
  • Required battery capacity and heat dissipation is low due to excellent power efficiency and with two strong battery chargers, power supply costs are kept to an absolute minimum
  • Supports both cost-efficient X.21 and E1 infrastructure links

Designed for Reliability and Easy Maintenance

Featuring the latest power-efficient technology, the MTS4 offers supreme reliability plus excellent access for easy servicing.

Totally Secure...Day and Night

No need to worry about theft or vandalism. The MTS4 includes the latest security features for total peace of mind.

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