GH900 Dual-mode Smart Radio

GH900 supports DMR/LTE Cellular Mobile Network in a small and firm all-in-one body which makes it easy to carry on.

Supporting DMR T2/T3 protocol, it can be used in DMR Trunking network, or it can communicate to each other by DMO.

It also supports LTE providing broadband services.


Support eChat Trunking

In public cellular mobile network, GH900 supports eChat trunking and other data services. It can be used in an excellent wide coverage network.

Specialized audio box design for loud and clear speech

Specially designed audio box that contains a high-power loudspeaker and a powerful audio encoder, providing loud, hi-fi speech. It can identify initiators and provide clear calls even in noisy surroundings.

Dual Display

GH900 has dual display design. The main screen is used to operate the radio, and the small screen display key information of trunking. 

Durable and reliable

It complies with the IP68 standard and is applicable to the outdoors. It meets high military specifications against collision, vibration, and solar radiation. Therefore, it can be used under all kinds of rugged working conditions.


Network DMR T2/T3
Frequency DMR/Analog: 400M~470M(UHF1)
Public LTE:
GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8
Display Main:4.0 inch color LCD,800×480
Top:0.9 inch B&W LCD
Battery 30.4Wh(4000mAh,7.6V)


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