The Union of Chambers and Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) DMR Project

TOBB has upgraded its Communication Structure in Twin Towers, Ankara to Digital Radio Technology (DMR) with Motorola MotoTRBO Products under the Consultancy of Novatel Haberleşme...

“Before we installed our radio system, we used to run our communication with our in-building team via mobile phones. Now, MotoTRBO infrastructure and radios have provided us with a reliable and state of the art communication system, which allows us to contact as a group at the same time. Our new system allows us to reach the remotest points with poor cell reception, and to perform our building management tasks more efficiently and rapidly.”
YURDAER PARTAL; Electrical and Electronics Engineer; Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB)

Ever acting on the principle of ensuring unity and solidarity between chambers and exchange markets as well as developing such institutions by the general interests of commerce and industry Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), which is one of the most important institutions of the Turkish business world, has renewed Ankara Twin Towers communication structure with a project developed by Novatel Haberleşme with Motorola products and solutions.

Seamless and Reliable Communication Infrastructure

TOBB Electrical and Electronics Engineer Yurdaer Partal stated that it is of particular importance to ensure the most secure and uninterrupted communication in the building, emphasizing the significance of this project for them:

“The developing technology brings fast advancements and changes in communication as in every field. Based on the benefits of these innovations, we decided to rebuild our communication system in a more secure manner providing seamless communication. With this consideration in mind, we immediately started our research. The most crucial point for us was to find a product that will work in the smart building concept implemented in TOBB Twin Towers in coherence with the established systems, and the compatibility of this product with the structure in the building.”

Superior Technological Products - Best Price Performance

Stating that they went through a very rigorous decision process during the determination of the company that will implement the project with the products and solutions to be used in this project, Partal says that the essential consideration they took during their selection was to obtain the most suitable product that can adapt to the structure with the most reasonable price:

“The most important stage we went through during the realization of this project, which is very important for us, was the choice of the company that would carry out the project in the best way with the right products. The main criteria we were looking for in the product to be selected was that it was viable for improvement and had the best technological features in its category. Of course, another essential goal was to acquire this product with the best price-performance. We were thorough with our analyses on many products of various brands. During our research, we figured that Motorola MotoTRBO Series radios have a crystal clear and improved sound quality compared to conventional radio systems and support SMS feature, thanks to digital technology. Besides, we were informed that the MotoTRBO system to be set up allows one-to-one calls similar to a phone. It was also stated among the advantages that the installed system and the MotoTRBO radios used can be integrated into the TOBB IP switchboard. Considering the benefits and superior technological features, we decided to use Motorola MotoTRBO Series digital radio products in this project with the consultancy of Novatel Communications.”

TOBB Electrical-Electronics Engineer Yurdaer Partal underlines that the project they implemented with Novatel Communications, established a communication network that reaches the points even phones do not receive in the building, and that the management can now be conducted more efficiently and timely:

“Before the establishment of the radio system, we were communicating with our in-building team via mobile phones. Now, MotoTRBO infrastructure and radios have provided us with a reliable and state of the art communication system. Also,  MotoTRBO infrastructure and radios allow our team to contact each other as a group at the same time. Novatel has conducted a preliminary survey to determine the indoor coverage area and designed the infrastructure to ensure maximum coverage. Novatel Haberlesme provided us with a successful consultancy with its experienced team; we would like to continue working with them in the future”