Public Access Mobile Radio Services include cellular and/or non-cellular electronic communication services available on a local and/or regional basis, including the provision of one-way and/or two-way transmission services for voice, data, and optimized package data, message, call, video, and similar to the subscribers, as well as the establishment and operation of the relevant infrastructure comprising at least one base station or repeater and a sufficient number of subscriber radio devices, incorporating one or more closed user groups within the same system by utilization of analog and/or digital technologies.

Novatel has been authorized for 15 years to provide PAMRS (Public Access Mobile Radio Services) under the Certificate of Authority dated 14.06.2018 and numbered E.45056 issued by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority.

The services we provide

  • Establishing and operating an electronic communication infrastructure using frequency channels allocated locally or regionally by the Authority,
  • To enable the subscribers to use the simplex frequency channels allocated by the Authority alongside the repeater frequency in cases where PAMRS repeaters are not accessible,
  • To set up a radio link, repeater and/or simplex link in order to connect the radio repeaters it has established with each other,

Please contact us for your offer requests regarding PAMR Services.